Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Q: What is Bitcoin ?

A: Bitcoin is an unstoppable form of digital money that runs on blockchain technology and can not be inflated more than its original amount of 21 million Bitcoins.


Q: How does Yada wallets make money ?

A: Yada wallets does not want to have banner ads all over its website to generate income which is necessary for its existence but makes money by using referral links to wallets and relying on user donations to keep us running.


Q: What is the best crypto wallet ?

A: This depends on what currency you would like to use and what functions you want inside of the wallet. To find the best crypto wallet for you we would recommend using our unique wallet finder function (link)


Q: Can I have multiple crypto wallets ?

A: Yes, you can have multiple crypto wallets. Some wallets even give you the option to have more than one wallet address inside of the same application.


Q: What is a hardware wallet ?

A: A hardware wallet is an offline crypto wallet that is stored on a physical device. Hardware wallets are usually used for maximum security of bigger amounts of Bitcoin or other valuable tokens.


Q: Can crypto wallets be hacked ?

A: Although most crypto wallets have top of the nodge security it could be possible that though a flaw in security your wallet will be hacked. The change of this happening is highly likely and if the right security measures are taken and a good virus scanner is active on the device, then it would be almost impossible. So always make sure you have a good virus scanner and that you check the security measurement of your wallet before carrying large amounts of value on them.


Q: How do I make sure my crypto wallet won’t get hacked ?

A: If you use a good virus scanner and implement a password on your (else) encrypted wallet you should be fine.


Q: What if it forces me to open my wallet and steals my Bitcoin.

A: Just like with physical (fiat) money and digital (fiat) money it is possible that someone on the street would threaten you for your money. For this reason it is important that you never carry a fortune inside of your pocket but use something like a hardware wallet as a bank account that you can store away savely where no one can reach it besides you.