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If you have questions for us we would like to direct you to our F.A.Q. where we got a lot of questions pre answered for you. In case you can’t find the answer to your question we would like to refer you to our telegram group where our admins will respond to all your questions.
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    About us


    Yada Wallets is a company founded in 2020 with a focus on the adoption of Bitcoin and digital tokens throughout the world. We do this by helping users find the right crypto wallet for using their Bitcoin and other digital tokens with our unique wallet finder function.

    As user friendliness, security of assets, sidechain support and many more functions make a wallet good or bad. We think that it is of the utmost importance that you will find the right wallet for you in the new blockchain basset digital age.

    If you haven’t tried our wallet finder function yet we would highly recommend you to try it so you will be equipped with the right crypto wallet for you. (try now button to wallet finder page)